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    A dynamic customer-centric enterprise technology executive with a powerful global IT career that originated from technology sales and marketing.


    An expert at keeping IT transformations continually aligned with strategic business priorities, even as they change, that acquire and retain customers and improve profit margins.


    Utilizes product management disciplines applied to IT portfolios and negotiation expertise to broker complex deals. Achieves extraordinarily high colleague survey engagement and satisfaction scores.


    Leadership developed as head of enterprise architecture, delivery, and infrastructure services roles at Fortune 500 companies: TD Bank Group, IBM, Loblaw Companies, Sun Life Financial, Sun Microsystems (for Bell Canada), Marsh McLennan (Marsh and Mercer), Air Canada, Oracle Corporation, and at a rapid pace dot.com start-up.


    Career flow...

    1. Sales and Customer Service: started a consulting and reseller practice in 1990, designed and sold technology solutions to solve complex business problems
    2. Global Enterprise visionary: became  principal global I.T. architect at Oracle Corporation after leading Americas' services teams to consolidate into one global organization as part of Oracle’s famous Save $1B.
    3. Chief architect: consolidated I.T. services and operations for MMC's 11 operating companies.  Fought through recovery from 9/11 when MMC lost 295 people and the global data centre.
    4. Advisor: executed adaptive infrastructure at Bell Canada 
    5. Innovator: transformed all systems and networks for supply chain and customer engagment while implementing all new SAP at Loblaw Companies
    6. Transformative Executive: led the largest technology change programs at TD Bank Group for the past 7 years designing and building all new credit card platforms during acquisitions (M&A IT services),  modernizing and transforming infrastructure,  and being awarded overall bank-wide project of the year in 2017 for providing new branch (retail) experiences.

    A conscientious leader being active in the broader community as a volunteer integrating business strategies with boards and board advisory roles in social services and actively shares expertise in higher education.


  • Expertise

    From global enterprises to tech startups, expertise in...

    Enterprise Architecture

    Plan for the future, empower the present

    Inspiring People

    Build outstanding teams, secure executive trust and support

    Transforming IT

    Revitalize your digital journey, creative strategies, rewarding partnerships

    Cyber Security

    Protect and become more secure daily

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  • "The network is the computer."

    “Everything with a digital or electronic heartbeat will be connected to the Internet”


    Scott mcnealY, former ceo sun microsystems (late 90’s)

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    Thoughts, musings, and reflections on life with technologies.

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  • Education and personal development


    Master Business Administration

    Executive MBA

    Athabasca University

    Business Marketing


    Sheridan College


    Executive Development

    Ivey Executive

    ITIL Certification

    Service Management (ITSM) Certification

    Pink Elephant

    Managing IT Effectively

    Executive Development

    Ivey Executive (with CIPS)

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